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Content Creation For Brands Who Want To Stay On Top Of Their Game

I’m Ori Shaked, a Copywriter and Digital Content Specialist. I bring years of experience creating and curating content with a steady hand of creativity, experience and passion. I am the owner and founder of keyword Ltd. – A Creative and Content House, operating from Israel.

Along the years I have produced top-quality content for businesses who were looking to maximize their online presence while pushing the envelope in terms of content marketing performance and strategy. I bring with me to every process vast experience from the years I have worked in global and local organizations.  

קופירייטינג, קופירייטר, כתיבת תוכן, כתיבה שיווקית, כתיבת תוכן לאתרים, אורי שקד, אורי שקד קופירייטר, אורי שקד איש תוכן

The Write Content- keyword's Services


Copywriting - Less is More

Conveying Your Message the Short and Precise Way

When you have something important to say with short call-to-action creative messages I am right there for you – sharp, accurate and thrilled from every new creative challenge.


Content Marketing - Taking Your Online Presence to the Next Level

I am creating for my customers profound content items that enables them to stand out in the crowd and their brands shine bright. I am delivering their core messages throughout different content channels, reaching their target audience. 


Content For Websites -
It's your brand, it's Your Content

I perceive content writing as a form of art. This is why I take each project personally as if it is my finest creation ever. I offer my clients the exact right words for their websites, creating and maintaining their unique voice that needs to be heard, loud and clear.


Articles - Skyrocketing Your SEO Performance

One crucial factor in your SEO strategy is the way you handle and publish excellent fresh, relevant content. I am creating high-quality content that Google just LOVES.  This is a sure way to climb up the ladder of search results.


Content and Copywriting for Landing Pages

If you'll build it they will buy

A great landing page can make all the difference between a good campaign and an excellent one. The landing pages I am writing convert readers to paying customers with persuasive and actionable content. 

Clients who trusted me

I talk tech fluently -
Professional Content for Start-Ups and Hi-Tech Companies

I come from a long background of managing content projects. In every process I have worked with the tech-guys and learned their terminology and way of thinking so we can all get along. So I know my way really well in terms of understanding technology and I am no stranger to terms such as “server” “cyber” “hosting” and many more. In fact, I had two Start-Ups of my own, I raised money from investors and I know this path in&out. I specialize in producing high-profile content that requires deep understanding of each business. This is why Start-Ups really LOVE to work with me on their content. I understand them, I save them time, cutting short their time-to-market performance and reach. 

What can I do for you:

Trust The Process

The path to obtaining your great content undergoes few phases:

It's writing time

Content writing time and meticulous proofreading

Learning curve

This is when I go into my mancave to get to know your business better

Take a brief moment

to fill the brief I will send you to get the full picture of your brand.


I believe in the personal touch so I seek to get to know the people behind the emails.

And we're done
You're content is ripe and ready to be proudly published.

Second draft

I send you the revised content for approval. happy times.

First draft

This is your time to comment and ask for revisions or compliment me on a job well done.



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