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I’m Ori Shaked, a Copywriter and Digital Content Specialist. I bring years of experience creating and curating content with a steady hand of creativity, experience and passion. I am the owner and founder of keyword Ltd. – A Creative and Content House, operating from sunny Israel. 

Along the years I have produced top-quality content for businesses who were looking to maximize their online presence while pushing the envelope in terms of content marketing performance and strategy. I bring with me to every process vast experience from the years I have worked in global and local organizations.  

קופירייטינג, קופירייטר, כתיבת תוכן, כתיבה שיווקית, כתיבת תוכן לאתרים, אורי שקד, אורי שקד קופירייטר, אורי שקד איש תוכן

Ready To Skyrocket Your Content?

I’m the write guy for you (yes, pun intended…)

You need someone who really understands what you are doing

 I talk tech fluently –  Professional content for Start-Ups and HiTech companies 

I come from a long background of managing content projects. In every process I have worked with the tech-guys and learned their lingo so we can all get along. So I know my way really well in terms of understanding technology and I am no stranger to terms such as “server” “cyber” “hosting” and much more, and I even spell them correctly. In fact, I had two start-ups of my own. I specialize in producing high-profile content that requires a deep understanding of each business. 

This is why Start-Ups really LOVE to work with me on their content. I understand them, I save them time, cutting short their time-to-market performance and reach. 

Professional CopyWriting Services


Less is more

Conveying your message the short and precise way

When you have something important to say with short call-to-action creative messages I am right there for you – sharp, accurate and thrilled from every new creative challenge.


Content For Websites

It's your brand, it's your tailored content

I perceive content writing as a form of art. This is why I take each project personally as if it is my finest creation ever. I offer my clients the exact right words for their websites, creating and maintaining their unique voice that needs to be heard, loud and clear. 

important: Each project is reviewed and proofread by a native English speaker, an American professional content specialist, to ensure it’s of the highest quality.  

Ready to skyrocket your content?

I’m the write guy for you (yes, pun intended…)

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CopyWriting For HiTech companies is a unique specialty. Let me prove to you that this is my playground.

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